Catrinel Marlon
About me

Catrinel Marlon is born in Iasi (Romania) October 1, 1985. Footsteps of her father, champion in the 400 meters hurdles Olympic, Catrinel becomes an athlete before being discovered at the age of sixteen from a local agent during a school trip to Bucharest. After six months she moves to the capital of Romania where she started her career as a model

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Catrinel Marlon Art Direction

I will define myself as a creative thinker, smart and forward-looking, able to look at both conventional and nonconventional solutions to problems, and always eager to find ways to surprise. In a sentence I can say that I am a very talented designer.

My motto is “ able of working under the pressure of deadlines and the creative’s great expectations..”

My art direction is spotless and I will to explore different techniques to achieve out-of-the-norm results(..)
I am more than happy to work with all kind of creatives, especially the ones that push hard to get amazing results.

My team and I can provide an integrated creative development service, supporting film directors, production companies, in the pitching phase or during the developping of the format.

We cover visual research, treatments design, ghostwriting, mood films and mood boards for both advertising and film and tv projects, documentary and TV series
The team has an extensive knowledge in project development, having worked with some of the best directors, creative, photographer in the industry along the last decade.

Send an idea and we will start together developping the most creative and effective output you can imagine!

Fashion, acting, photography and painting are the means by which Catrinel expresses herself, inspired by everything that is art and involves everything that surrounds her. Catrinel Marlon